Suggested by Sharen Wendy Robertson

Suggested by Sharen Wendy Robertson


           by Sharen Wendy Robertson

I am a beam of light.

I am yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

I am Pure.

I am Strength.

I am Integrity.

I am Dignity.

I am Compassion.

I am Logic.

I am Justice.

I am Truth.

I am an all-knowing beam of light.

I am the light.

I am what I am.

Sharen Wendy Robertson

(c) 2014

Welcome to a place of

peace and serenity designed with you in mind by

Sharen Wendy Robertson

Peace and serenity are so important to me that I decided to dedicate an entire page to it on my website.  Our culture and our world today seems intent on pushing people further and further away from what is best for our souls.  We all need to include some peace and serenity in our daily lives. Sadly, we often get so caught up in the pursuit of money or happiness or whatever else drives us, that we lose sight of the importance of peace in serenity in our lives.  We are distracted by our environment into believing that peace and serenity do not matter.  Everything we need is within us.  We have knowledge, wisdom, and intuition to guide us.  It's like listening to music, we need to hear the music of our own souls. 

I yearned my entire life for a existence blanketed by peace and serenity. Sadly, my childhood was just the opposite of peace and serenity, instead being filled with trauma and pain and abuse.  My marriage of 28 years (although there were some good times), was also filled with decades of domestic violence and it was about as far from peace and serenity as one could get.  I lost my father in July 2008, and my son three weeks later in August 2008.  Then I lost job and my little doggie and my home.  I have relinquished or have had to sell just about everything I've owned or that had meaning for me. Where and why was peace and serenity eluding me?  All I could do was to continue to pray that I somehow could experience peace and serenity in my life, and I never wished harm to anyone.

I now have what I dreamed about my entire life: peace and serenity with the added bonus of a sense of overwhelming gratefulness.  I love music and sing and write my songs when I feel like it.  I cherish the sunrise and sunset and a warm breeze off the ocean.  I take time each day to appreciate the beauty in nature.  Although my life is not perfect, it is perfect for me, Sharen Wendy Robertson.  I've been blessed to be able to comprehend the oneness of infinity and this awareness keeps everything in my daily life in perspective.  The peace and serenity of my soul is finally aligned with my physical environment.

Take a few minutes from your busy life and enjoy some of the videos on this page.   Sharen Wendy Robertson found them on YouTube just for you to help bring some peace and serenity into your life.                  

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Suggested by Sharen Wendy Robertson

Suggested by Sharen Wendy Robertson

Suggested by Sharen Wendy Robertson

Suggested by Sharen Wendy Robertson

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