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 Sharen Wendy Robertson

"My Musical Journey"


My journey into songwriting began in 2008 after the tragic loss of my 20 year old son in a car accident.  It was during those early grief-filled, dark days that my songwriting ability first breathed into life.  I found that writing and singing songs for my son helped me move through my grief.  I produced my first CD, Whisper On the Wind in 2010.  This first CD is written and dedicated to my son.  I   continued to write and produce music and in 2011 released my 2nd CD, From My Heart To Yours, which are songs on a variety of topics and an eclectic variety of genres.  My goal for my music and my life is to simply continue to inspire and share from my heart and soul.  I am currently writing songs for my 3rd CD and writing a book.           

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